Once you are ready to take the plunge and make the first step towards receiving some amazingly beautiful photos of yourself, get in touch! The easiest way to do this is to email – Emma can’t always answer the phone (as she might be doing someone else’s boudoir shoot!) so if you send an email Emma will always get back to you as quickly as possible.

We’ll send you some available dates, and once you’ve decided when you’ve like to come and visit us we’ll ask you to pay a deposit to secure your date. Once that’s done, we’ll send you lots of information to help make sure you get the most out of your shoot, including how to prepare and what sort of outfits to bring with you.

But don’t worry, Emma is always on hand prior to your shoot to help with any questions, last minute concerns or even just to ask her opinion on a specific outfit. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is, yes but we can definitely supplement the outfits that you bring with lot of fabulous accessories from the Lace and Pearl wardrobe. We have loads of lovely things like beautiful sheer and lace robes and gowns, stockings and hold ups, lace harnesses (worn over a bra and knickers set to make them look more fabulous!), waspies, stunning statement jewellery and fabulous shoes to name but a few of the things.

We also have a range of basques, shapewear, waist cinchers, bras and briefs available in an ever growing selection of sizes.

If you are wanting to use specific items from the Lace and Pearl wardrobe please let us know before your shoot so we can discuss the various options.

Once you have paid your deposit, we send through a lot of detailed information about how to prepare for your shoot including extensive information on selecting and picking outfits to ensure that you look amazing in your photos.

If you have booked a maternity shoot, a full wardrobe of fabulous fairytale maternity gowns is available for use on your shoot.

Each package comes with a set number of outfit changes (plus nude/implied nude – we add that on as an extra if wanted to every shoot!), but feel free to bring more so that Emma can help you choose on the day. If you decide to upgrade your package to include more shots / outfits just let us know.


Emma is the owner and only photographer at Lace and Pearl.

Your makeover will take around 1 ½ up to 2 hours. The length of your actual photoshoot will vary depending on the number of photos in the package you have booked, but on average will take between 30 minutes up to around 2 hours.

We never rush, and it’s much more important to us to make sure that we get the perfect shots than to rush you through the door. Unless you have booked to come on a discounted model portfolio shoot day, or you have come with a friend, you will be the only customer in the studio on that day.

Normally we prefer to work one on one with you, as we find that you relax better without an audience. However we also understand just how nerve wracking it can be and some people like to bring a friend along for a bit of moral support. We welcome one female friend to come along to the shoot with you – they can sit in the makeup room with you while you are having your makeover, and then there is a comfortable seating area for them to wait in while your actual shoot is taking place.

Please note, that your friend is not permitted to take photographs (on a camera, phone or otherwise) at any point during the shoot.

As an all female studio, as a general rule we don’t allow men to come along to the shoot – we’d much rather they just enjoyed the end results instead! However if you really would prefer to bring your partner / husband with you please contact Emma directly to discuss this.

The simple answer is yes and yes!

We offer an extra special 10% discount on Boudoir 4 and Boudoir 7 when booked for 2 or more ladies to visit our studio at the same time. Unfortunately this offer isn’t available for the larger packages as there simply isn’t enough time with the numerous outfit changes and the last thing we would want is for anyone to feel rushed!

When you come with a friend, you are not photographed at the same time (unless you would like this!). Instead you are photographed in rotation; one person is styled while the other is photographed.

It’s a great fun experience for friends to share! It’s particular amazing for two best friends or a bride and her maid of honour!

We use three main very experienced professional hair and makeup artists for our makeovers. Depending on the day of the week you book, you will work with Kathryn Farrington, Kerry Baker or Jen Williams. We have worked closely with all three artists and use them on a regular basis for our makeovers; if you would like to see examples of their portfolios prior to booking please ask!

If cruelty free makeup is important to you, please let us know at the time of booking and we will ensure that you are matched with a makeup artist who uses only cruelty free products.

Kerry Baker is also competent in the use of BSL (British Sign Language) – if this is something that you feel will be of benefit during your shoot please tell us as soon as possible. We can also arrange for Kerry to be present during your shoot to aid in communication between everyone involved.

Your makeover includes full hair styling and full makeup including lashes.

When you arrive at the studio you will have an initial consultation with your artist who will discuss the most suitable styles and colours to work best with the outfits you have brought and your skin tone and hair colour. If there is a particular look you would like to create please do let us know, but don’t worry if you don’t know – they will always make sure you look stunning!

You are welcome to bring along your own hair extensions – our artist will attach and style them in with your own hair.


Please don’t get a fake tan. Caucasian skin photographs best when it’s pale (unless you naturally have a darker tone to your skin). Fake tans look artificial and very orange under studio lighting – this can hugely effect the end results we can achieve. Although it may feel strange, please do not get a spray tan prior to your shoot with us.

Our studio is located in Preston City Centre, 5 minutes from the train station and there is lots of parking right outside the studio.

If you are arriving by train, please let us know. A complementary concierge service is available for anyone arriving at Preston Train Station.

Please note our studio is strictly by appointment only.

Sometimes, the shiest of girls end up with the very best photos!

In all honesty, as scary as it can seem, you honestly don’t need loads of confidence to have a shoot. All you need is a little trust in Emma. On the day of the shoot, all you need to do is turn up and the rest will be taken care of. Each photo is carefully posed by Emma down to the very last detail, so you don’t need to worry about how to pose yourself or where to place your hands, it’s literally all done for you.

All of our photos are edited and retouched, we never release unedited photos. However you absolutely will still look like yourself. The simplest way to describe the process is that you will look the best version of yourself possible!

Our expert but incredibly sensitive airbrushing skills are why most women choose to shoot with Lace and Pearl. Skin will be smoothed, lumps and bumps removed, eyes brightened and lots of other little tricks we utilise to ensure that you look amazing in every single image.

In most cases you won’t be able to tell that you’ve been edited, instead it’s like looking at an incredibly flattering photo of yourself. Don’t forget, professional hair and makeup, beautiful lingerie, studio lighting and a sensitive photographer go a long way towards achieving the end result. The editing process itself only plays a very small part in making sure you look fabulous!

Absolutely yes. We don’t remove tattoos as standard, but if there are any that you would like to be removed in your final photos please tell us during your shoot.

Yes! Most of our shoots are with regular normal girls. While we do also work with models, the majority of the people you see in our portfolio are regular girls just like you! For many, this is the first time they've ever had their photo taken professionally or been in a photography studio.

Your deposit can be transferred to a new date with a minimum of 48 hours notice, so long as it’s booked within 3 months of the original shoot date. We only allow one change of date.

Your deposit is non refundable if you want to change the date with less than 48 hours notice, cancel the shoot entirely or don’t turn up.

On average it takes approximately two weeks to return your images to you. During busy periods this might be a little longer. Sometimes we can return them sooner! We always get your final gallery up as soon as we possibly can as we know just how eager you are to see the photos!

If you want your finished photos for a special occasion please let us know at the time of booking.

If the photos are required for a specific date we normally recommend that you book your shoot a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to this date to allow for both the editing process and to give you the opportunity to order any photobooks etc.

Only if you want them to be. Please take a look at our Privacy page for more specific information on this subject.

Most definitely! We offer beautiful professional photobooks, prints and canvases. We have samples of all of these available in the studio so please do ask to see examples.

Yes! We offer a beautifully designed custom gift voucher with the recipient’s name and any other special message you would like to include that will be sent straight to their email address. Please contact us for more information on this.