Respecting your Privacy

Here at Lace and Pearl we take your privacy very seriously. We will never share your images online or in print without your written consent. All the women that you see on our website, or in print in our studio itself, have given us permission to share their photos.

If you like to keep your private life private, we 100% respect this. Whilst we love to show off photos of our boudoir customers looking amazing, we completely understand why you might prefer to keep them private.  You’ll never be pressured to share your photos if you'd rather keep them to your nearest and dearest.


Maintaining your Privacy on the day or your shoot

When you arrive at the studio, the only people present will be Emma and the makeover team. This is either one artist who styles both hair and makeup, or a separate hair stylist and makeup artist. We pride ourselves on being an all female studio! More details about the makeover process, and the artists we use, can be found on our FAQ page.  

Once your makeover has taken place, you’ll work one on one in the studio with Emma. We find this is the best way to make you feel relaxed and to create the best possible results. 

Generally it’s much better if we can work with you one on one. We find that most customers relax and enjoy their shoot more without an audience. However, we do understand that you might like to bring someone for moral support.  We allow one female friend to accompany you on the shoot, who is welcome to sit with you while you have your makeover. During the actual shoot they will have to sit in our seating area. Our studio is a large open plan space, so they will be in the same room, just out of sight of the action.

After your shoot has finished

We still ensure your privacy is a priority even after your actual time at the studio has finished. Your online gallery is password protected to ensure that no one else can view your images. 

We prefer customers to come and collect their images from the studio in person. This avoids the need to send digital images in the post.  However, if you are unable to collect them yourself we can post them to you. We use a reliable tracked delivery method with plain packaging. All USB sticks are password protected as standard to ensure that no one else would be able to access the files. 

The decision as to whether we can share your images on our website or social media pages is entirely up to you. We always love to be able to share the photos! We think all our boudoir customers look amazing and want to shout about how fabulous you are. However we guarantee we will never pressure you to let us share them.