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Pregnancy and breastfeeding photoshoots - Heather & Alfie

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Heather first came to the studio while she was pregnant - I was thrilled to be able to capture this extra special time for her and partner Craig with some really beautiful imagery.

I love maternity shoots - they offer a different pace and style of shoot to a typical boudoir session whilst still focusing on creating beautiful imagery to treasure for a lifetime.

When Heather contacted me after the birth of her beautiful son and asked if I would potentially take a couple of breastfeeding photos for her, I jumped at the opportunity!

I was so thrilled to be able to capture these! Working with children is always a little bit more challenging, and expecting a baby to feed on command with lots of distractions (least of all this crazy lady with her giant "eye" that makes clicking noises!) but with a few tricks up my sleeve we managed to nail it. Helped of course by Alfie being an absolute superstar!

On a couple of occasions Alfie was far more interested in what exactly I was doing to think about feeding, but even those moments allowed me to capture gorgeous moments like this one!

One image that Heather was really keen to try and achieve was a before and after bath picture! Knowing ahead of time that it would be impossible to pose Heather in exactly the same way, we worked using a similar pose and decided upon a milk flower bath (rather than purely a flower bath) and I was overjoyed that Alfie decided to engage with me and my camera in such a beautiful way!

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