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Where the magic happens


With original hardwood floors throughout, beautiful brick walls and a high vaulted ceiling with original wooden beams, as soon as Emma walked through the door she knew immediately it would make the most amazing boudoir photography studio. Ensuring that it lost none of its charm was a priority while converting the space into a studio, and we certainly like to think we've succeeded!


Not content with working with your average studio sets, Emma set about creating some amazing bespoke sets that maximise the unique and striking studio space. Huge sparkling chandeliers adorn the ceiling, a larger than life fairtytale wardrobe is not only home to our impressive outfit collection but provides yet another luxury area for photography, plus there's multiple sumptuous beds add to the sumptuous boudoir feel. And that's before we get to the fireplace, chairs, chaise, cocktail sofa... there's even a fully working roll top bath! Less of a photography studio and more of a luxury fantasy apartment, it's the perfect place to create some boudoir magic!

Situated in the heart of Preston city centre, Lancashire, the Lace and Pearl boudoir photography studio is close to Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire, and easily accessible from anywhere in the North West. However, its location five minutes from Preston train station (just two hours on the train from London Euston with no changes), means that it's easy for anyone to come and visit. 

The makeup area


Come and relax in the beautiful dressing room and let our professional hair and makeup artists complete your stunning makeover, before working with Emma on some of the many amazing and unique boudoir sets that are exclusive to the Lace and Pearl boudoir studio. 

Our makeover area is light, bright and airy, with plenty of space for you to sit back and relax while the magic happens.

When you arrive at Lace and Pearl, after an initial chat with Emma, you'll take a seat in the makeover area to discuss the look you want to create with your experienced artist. Don't worry if you aren't sure, they'll have plenty of ideas to help you decide!

Beautifully bespoke sets


The Lace and Pearl studio is filled to bursting with stunning luxury boudoir sets, including 3 different beds, a large chaise, fireplace, flower chair, wardrobe, cocktail sofa, roll top bath and much much more! We've divided the studio up into 6 different areas, all designed and curated by Emma to really help you shine on your boudoir photoshoot:

  • A handmade bespoke four poster bed that shines in the bedroom set, along with an incredible large ornate gold mirror and plush faux sheepskin rug. This set all benefits from a huge window that floods the set with beautiful natural light.

  • Fairytale inspired wardrobe and unique flower chair, along with our opulent fireplace and faux sheepskin rug. This area benefits from 3 unique sets that compliment each other to create a truly opulent backdrop to boudoir photos. Once again this area is filled with natural light from a large window - this spot is perfect for beautiful backlit silhouettes. 

  • Plush day bed, filled with luxurious cushions, next to our grand fireplace with faux sheepskin rug. A huge window bathes this area in natural light. A real sumptuous but feminine area for your boudoir photos. 

  • Roll top bath with crystal chandelier, set against our real brick walls plus original dark wooden floor. Next to the bath is an art deco inspired cocktail sofa complete with gold cocktail trolley and champagne bucket. Lavish greenery surrounds the bath and sofa to create a lavish but elegant area. 

  • COMING SEPTEMBER 2021 -  Opulent vintage chaise longue (Styled with a Lace and Pearl modern boudoir twist!)

  • COMING SEPTEMBER 2021 - Sumptuous brand new bed set (Completely different to our other two beds!)​